The 2000C is the primary air defence fighter version of the first generation Mirage 2000 family.

The 2000C combines the single seat airframe with the RDI radar. It´s armament is limited (in AdlA service) to the R550 Magic II and perhaps Magic II Mk II and the Super 530D. The R550 is the Within Visual Range (WVR) weapon and the Super 530D is the Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missile. With the introduction of the MICA missile, it can be expected that the Super 530D will soon be withdrawn from the AdlA arsenal and perhaps sold to other Mirage 2000 customers. However, the Super 530D does require the RDI radar and as such, any potential customer would need to modify the RDM export radar (if this is possible).2000C over the Alps

The first 37 aircraft (S1 to S3 Standard) were delivered with the SNECMA M53 -5 and the RDM multi-role radar. These 37 aircraft are currently being re-equipped with RDI radar sets that have been transferred from S4 airframes being upgraded to the 2000-5F version. This implies that there are no longer any RDM equipped and M53 -5 powered single-seaters in AdlA service.Later deliveries are to the S4 and S5 standards.

The 2000B is the two seat trainer version which is powered by the M53 -5. The addition of the second seat necessitated the removal of the internal cannon.The first planes delivered are equipped with the RDM radar but  No. 515 and subsequent aircraft have the RDI radar fitted. It is reported that from No. 522 onwards the aircraft were delivered with the M53 -P2 instead of the less powerful -5 version.